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Converting App-V packages into FlexApp packages

It's easier than you might think...

With App-V becoming end-of-life in May 2026 and MSIX not being enterprise-ready yet, many organizations are looking into alternatives for their application management and delivery. 


Liquidware offers a cost efficient, safe and future-proof alternative with its application management solution FlexApp. By pulling applications away from the OS and placing them in their own “application layer”, individual applications can be easily and flexibly delivered to any platform. Various Windows versions, hybrid environments or multiple application versions that have to run simultaneously are not a problem.

When an organization chooses to migrate its workspace in the future, FlexApp and associated packages remain usable. FlexApp integrates seamlessly with all leading (physical/virtual/cloud) workstations and solutions such as Intune.

Assess, convert, deliver, manage

Build on previous investments

To make the transition as smooth as possible, not to lose previous investments and to take future developments into account, Liquidware offers the possibility to convert App-V packages directly to FlexApp. We’ve developed a dedicated conversion tool that helps migrating multiple App-V packages into FlexApp. Watch the demo to find out how it works!   

Learn more

Should you have any further questions after watching the App-V converter demo video, or want to see more of FlexApp, please let us know!

Future-proof, frustration-proof, cost-efficient-proof

FlexApp attaches applications on-demand.

Applications look and interact as if they are natively installed into the OS.

Apps can be packaged automatically

Applications become portable and can be assigned by group or context-based.

Applications are delivered platform agnostic

Our Customers

Whitepaper: "Considerations for a Future-Proof Application Management Strategy"

In this whitepaper, we provide an overview of how application management has evolved to this day, including the limitations with regards to application delivery on the modern workspace. We provide insight in how application layering can help future-proofing your digital workspace.