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Liquidware is the specialist in Digital Workspace Management for modern Windows workspaces. Our solutions provide all the components for efficient workspace management and an ultimate user experience across all workstations – physical, virtual, DaaS or cloud. 

Around the world, organizations are using our software solutions to make workspace management more efficient, secure, flexible and scalable, from the planning stage through continuous optimization in production. We do this using three solutions that can be deployed both separately, or as a complete suite.

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ProfileUnity provides policy, profile and security management. The user environment becomes portable between all Windows workstations and across both physical, virtual and cloud environments.


FlexApp enables future-proof, multi-platform application management. Applications are decoupled from the OS allowing for cost-efficient, easy and secure management.


Stratusphere UX provides deep insight into desktop infrastructures, collecting data on user experience, performance and application usage. This helps optimizing the workspace, performance, capacity planning and costs efficiency.

Did you know...?

Microsoft’s App-V is becoming end-of-life in 2026? This might have consequences for the way you deliver and manage applications.

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Digital transformation can be stalled for organizations that do not start this process of re-architecting their workspace provisioning approaches. In this whitepaper, Liquidware presents a roadmap for delivering modern workspaces for organizations which are undergoing digital transformation. Liquidware’s Digital Workspace Management (DWM) suite of products can support the build-out of an agile, state-of-the-art workspace infrastructure that quickly delivers the resources workers need, on demand.