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A future-proof application strategy with application layering

Application layering whitepaper

Download our whitepaper for an overview of the application layering concept and our FlexApp product. 

Workspace delivery methods are more diverse than ever and continuously subject to change and innovation. However, in managing all these types, it’s really all about the applications.

That raises the question: would your current application strategy still fit a workspace that runs on a different OS or (cloud) platform? Does the current way of working meet the desire to offer applications to employees in a fast and segmented way? And what about vendor lock-in, security and costs?

Unfortunately, current workspace (virtualization) technologies come with certain challenges, such as compatibility, security, performance, image management and stale development. These results in IT admins spending too much time – thus money – on application management. 

Application layering addresses a lot of these issues and risks. Because of its flexibility, agility and easy way of packaging and deploying apps, our FlexApp application layering solution could be just be the future-proof solution you need.

Future-proof, frustration-proof, cost-efficient-proof

FlexApp attaches applications into a Windows environment on-demand.

Applications look and interact as if they are natively installed into the OS.

Apps can be packaged automatically, based on a PowerShell driven API.

Applications become portable application layers that can be assigned by group, department, or context-based.

Applications are delivered platform agnostic, as FlexApp supports all workspaces.

When (re-)defining your application management roadmap, it is important to take topics such as security, automation and scalability into account. But also think about your past and future investments by making sure you can re-use previous (for example App-V) packages and your solution is still usable should you change platforms. 

FlexApp application layering will help you…

  • Simplify and speed up your image management

  • Reduce the amount of base images

  • Prevent downtime for users when updating or go-live

  • Update applications without reinstalling them

  • Deliver packaged applications to any platform

  • Automate application packaging

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Are you re-thinking your application strategy? Or planning to migrate your desktops to Microsoft AVD, Windows 365 Cloud PC or just a refreshed VDI or SBC deployment on-premise? Are you looking for an App-V replacement while you’re at it? Or are you just struggling to manage your applications and keeping users happy at the same time? We’d love to think along. Just leave your contact details and we will come back to you a.s.a.p.!