Digital Workspace Management

Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation

The Modern Workspace as part of the digital transformation

Organizations pursuing digital transformation need to think about the design and management of their workplace. Traditional Client Management (or PC Lifecycle Management) does not support technologies such as AI, IoT, edge computing or cloud hosting, which are required to deliver and manage a Modern Workplace. It requires a different workplace infrastructure that will be increasingly virtualized and hybrid, combining delivery platforms and cloud foundations.

Digital Workspace Management solutions

Digital Workspace Management (DWM) solutions are key to this. DWM allows organizations to take a more efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering and managing workplaces. Applying DWM solutions offers strategic benefits at multiple stages of Traditional Client Management:

  • Planning and design
  • Migration and management of users
  • Image Management
  • Application Management

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In this whitepaper, we outline a roadmap to facilitate and accelerate digital transformation using Digital Workspace Management solutions. We do this using the different phases of Traditional Client Management and PC Lifecycle Management.

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