App-V end-of-life:

how to move forward?

Where we come from

In late 2012, Microsoft launched its application virtualization and delivery solution App-V. Many enterprise organizations quickly started using App-V and are still using it today. In 2015, the most recent version was released after which Microsoft stopped actively developing App-V. Currently, App-V is in "extended support" until 2026.


Current situation

Microsoft is working on a successor in the form of MSIX. To date, however, MSIX does not yet meet the needs, or requirements, of organizations. It appears the success rate of packaging (without additional external tooling) is only 30-40% and that MSIX is not yet fully supported on all Windows versions (most features are limited to Windows 11). Also see this compatibility matrix. As a result, organizations using App-V are forced to look at alternatives for their application management.


Your future

Liquidware offers a future-proof alternative with its application layering solution (FlexApp). By pulling applications away from the OS and placing them in their own "application layer," individual applications can be easily and flexibly delivered to any platform. 

To make the transition as smooth as possible, not to lose previous investments and to take future developments into account, Liquidware offers the possibility to convert App-V packages directly to FlexApp. Also when an organization choose to migrate its workspace in the future, FlexApp and associated packages remain usable. FlexApp integrates seamlessly with all leading (physical/virtual/cloud) workstations.  

In short

Asset 10-1000    FlexApp delivers applications on-demand to a Windows environment. 

Asset 9-500    Applications can be packaged automatically.

Asset 3-500    Applications can be updated directly, without re-installing and/or downtime, resulting in simplified image management

Asset 2-500       Applications become flexibele layers that can be assigned context-aware .

Asset 1-500    Applications are delivered platform-agnostic.


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